The local surveys

will be published in Nov 2016 and can

be seen and downloaded here:



The multilateral survey report

will be published in Jan 2017 and can

be seen and downloaded here:



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Munch-Petersen: Red butterfly, 1935

The aIm of the surveys

is in Sept 2016 - Jan 2017 to map the core competences of culture volunteers in sparsely populated areas and present the results with guidelines for the essential curricula and course frames for future courses.


Survey methodology

In each country select and analyse 2-4 examples of best practise in communities in sparsely populated areas, where voluntary culture associations and their volunteers make a difference.



Use questionnaires or interviews (or both) with the selected volunteers, leaders of the voluntary associations and other stakeholders in the local communities to deduce the essential competences for successful culture work.



Surveys of key competences

Exibition in Ejby Citizen House, Denmark

Culture event in Boose Selts, the women`s non-profit association in Võru county, South-Estonia.

Summer teatre in Raseborg, Finland

Activities in the Women’s Association of Þistilfjörður, North Iceland









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