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Week course in Ljubljana, June 2011 as part of the Grundtvig Multilateral project, LOAC

Interfolk is a Danish non-profit association founded in 2008. It is based on individuals sharing the same fundamental ideas and objectives of the Grundtvigian tradition of liberal adult education.


The aim is to promote humanistic and democratic learning capacities in a civil society context.




The main objectives are

  • to promote liberal adult education and cultural learning that focus on personal autonomy, active citizenship, social inclusion, and cultural cohesion;
  • to create partnerships with Nordic and European associations within liberal adult education, NGO activities and the spheres of voluntary art and culture;
  • to ensure that the objectives of lifelong learning adhered to by the European Commission and the Nordic Council of Ministers also continues the best of the intentions of the Nordic-European tradition of enlightenment and Bildung.


Interfolk is member of the Baltic Network for Adult Learning (BNAL); Danfø, the Danish national platform for NGO-cooperation in the Baltic Sea Area; the International Platform for Citizen Participation (IPCP); and AMATEO, European network for Amateur Arts.


The activities of Interfolk include research, surveys, development projects, courses, seminars, debate activities and other cultural activities - in a Danish, Nordic and European context. The main activities in 2009-2015 included

  • A major survey task 2008 – 2010 regarding validation of values and goals in voluntary culture in cooperation with the Cultural Councils in Denmark; supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
  • Development of an e-learning tool for validation of the students’ learning profile for Esbjerg Folk High School, 2011; supported by the Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark.
  • Coordinator organisation for a two year Nordplus Adult development project, 2009 - 2011 regarding validation of non-formal and informal learning outcome in cooperation with seven partners from the Nordic and Baltic countries; supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  • Coordinator organisation for a two year Grundtvig multilateral project, 2009 - 2011, entitled “Learning outcome of amateur culture” (LOAC) with partners from the European amateur culture; supported by EU’s Executive Agency (EACEA).
  • Development of a new learning assessment frame focussed on the existential learning dimension for folk high school students at Nordfyn Folk High School, 2012.
  • Lead partner for planning a NGO Portal for the Baltic Sea Region, 2011 - 2012 with reference to the CBSS-NGO Forum (The Council of the Baltic Sea States’ NGO Forum).
  • Coordinator for a Grundtvig Learning partnership, 2012 – 2014, entitled “Art based learning and active ageing” (ART-AGE), supported by the Danish Agency for International Education.
  • Coordinator organisation for a Grundtvig Multilateral Project, 2013 – 2015, entitled “Culture guides for marginalised social Groups" (GUIDE), supported by EU’s Executive Agency (EACEA.
  • Supporting member of the Nordplus Adult project, 2013 - 2015, entitled "Culture guides for Active Ageing", supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  • Initiator of the European network of voluntary arts and culture associations and liberal adult education associations with art based curricula, thCulture guides for Active Ageingat started in 2015 to provide new Erasmus+ training events – see
  • Coordinator for a pilot project, 2016, entitled “Arts and Culture on the Nordic Edge (ARNE)", supported by the Nordic Culture Point’s Culture and Art Programme, Capacity development.
  • Coordinator for a NGO development project, 2016 – 2018, entitled “Voluntary culture as leverage of cross-cultural activities in sparsely populated areas” (LEVER), supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ NGO programme for the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Partner in the Nordplus Adult project, 2016 - 2018, entitled "Curricula and training for culture volunteers in sparsely populated areas" (SPARK), supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  • Partner in the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, 2016 – 2018, entitled “Develop curricula and training programmes for culture volunteers”(SPAR) supported by the Erasmus+ programme.


Capacity for the project:

Interfolk has core competences in desk research, need analysis and reporting as well as curricula planning and validation methods of prior learning.


Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society

Skovgade 25

5500 Middelfart




Tel.: (+45) 51 300 320




Project team Sept 2013 outside Rite Folk High School, Latvia - first meeting in the Nordplus project: Culture Guides

Participants at Papal Palace in Utrecht, April 2014 from European seminar in the Grundtvig Learning partnership: AGE-ART.

Excursion in Nova Gorica, June 2015 during European week course in the Grundtvig Multilateral project: GUIDE

Meeting June 2016 in Manor of Bistrampolis with members from the Lithuanian castles and manors Association during the second meeting in the Nordic NGO project: LEVER


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