HAC - Húsavík Academic Center


Town festival in Husavik

Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) was founded in 2006 as a merger of two institutions, FræÞing and Húsavík Academic Center.


HAC is dedicated to promoting and facilitating lifelong learning, university studies and interdisciplinary research.


The centre is located in the town of Húsavík, but serves all in the region of the north-eastern part of Iceland.



HAC offers academic, vocational and recreational courses and study programmes to people in the community in collaboration with universities and regional parties of interest, such as municipalities, labour organizations and the business community.


HAC also provides study facilities for students who live in the region and attend university or other schools at upper educational levels. HAC serves as a centre for interdisciplinary research in Þingey-jarsýslur and offers its services and facilities to researchers working in the region, whether they are independent or affiliated with institutions or universities.


The facilities of HAC in Húsavík include a study room, full internet access, printing, faxing, copying and wire binding as well as a class/conference room equipped with video conferencing, a projector and other class room equipment. The facilities also include access to a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.


Capacity for the project:

HAC is the official adult-educational service provider in the North-east corner of Iceland. The North-east is a sparsely populated area characterised by small towns/villages and rural areas. HAC has good experience in curricula development and development and running of adult education courses in rural areas.”


Husavik Academic Center

Hafnarstétt 3,

640 Húsavík,



Web: www.hac.is

Tel.: (+354) 46 45 100

Mail: hac@hac.is



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