Disseminate & evaluate

Beys: The secret block, 1943

Aim and objectives of dissemination

The overall aim is during the whole lifespan of the project to provide information on the progress and results to the planned target groups.


Key dissemination activities

  1. Send news-mails at the start of the three main project phases
  2. Distribute Leaflets in English and in all partner languages.
  3. Promotion at the websites of the partner associations
  4. Ongoing use of social media sites
  5. Presentations at meetings in own organisations and other events.
  6. Publish articles in own journals and other magazines and media.
  7. Final dissemination at the four national conferences.
  8. Personal meetings with decision-makers and other multipliers.



Dissemination outputs

Materials, presentations, online media and articles delivred during the project can be seen and downloaded at the sub-menu:


Multiplier events

More information about the concluding four National conferences, April - May 2018 can be seen at the sub-menus




Beys: Den hemmelige blok, 1953


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