Icelandic course

Marsden Hartley: Mount Katahdin, Maine, 1942

The frame

A 2-day course or weekend course for approx. 15 participants.


Time and place

The course took 7 - 8 November 2017 in Porshofn, Iceland


The course programme


For more information contact

Gréta Bergrún Jóhannesdóttir, project manager, Husavik Academic Center

Tel. (+354) 464 5102



Icelandic Pilot Course

Photos from the pilot course in Porshofn


Photos from the pilot course in Porshofn

Summary of course evaluation



Recommendations from the pilot course:


Blending diverse cultural volunteers was good, and necessary in such a small community to get enough participants and useful discussion and group work.


The participants were also quite sure that this would be useful in daily life, since most of them are quite busy with families, work and different kind of social and volunteering work.


It is important to plan a course like this with the needs of the target group in mind, their busy schedule and adjust it to every community so that it will be most useful in practice.





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