Finnish course

Jorn: Libre

The frame

FSU completed 15 one-day events in 12 places during Sept 2017, the overall totle was "Foreningsfestivalen".


The course programme


For more information contact

Oskar Koivumäki, project manager, Finnish Swedish Youth Association

Tel. (+358) 50 502 0434



Finnish Pilot Course

Photo from one of the pilot courses

Photos from one of the pilot courses

Photo from one of the pilot courses

Summary of course evaluation



Beys: The secret block, 1953



Summary of the Finnish course recommendations


FSU noticed that some issues would have demanded more time. The lecturers were quite compressed – which in turn the participants seemed to appreciate, thus leaving the outcome on a quite rudimentary level.


Furthermore there would have been a need of a follow-up meeting after the participants events.




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