Aim and objectives

The overall aim is to provide new training courses for culture volunteers in sparsely populated areas to provide cross-disciplinary arts and culture opportunities for the local communities with an added value for civic participation, community bonding and local identity.


The objectives are

  1. To provide local surveys with mapping of best practise and competences of local culture volun-teers in sparsely populated areas.
  2. To present the core competence profiles and deduce the essential curricula in a Nordic multilateral report.
  3. To develop high quality learning opportunities for citizens engaged in arts and culture on how to organise local cultural activities with an added value for civic participation and community bonding.
  4. To develop and test the curricula and course frames with a series of national pilot courses in each partner country.
  5. To publish a Curricula Compendia on core competences and training methodologies for culture volunteers in sparsely populated areas.
  6. To disseminate the results to the wider Nordic- Baltic community by national conferences and a variety of other dissemination activities.





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